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Terms of guarantee

1. For ease of warranty, we encourage you to register with us via www.aconatic.com/register_warranty so that we can help you faster and more efficiently.

2. To use the right of warranty, customers must present a complete and unmodified transaction receipt for use as evidence of the date of purchase of the product at the service date to all employees. Times

3. In case of loss of receipt or proof of purchase or in case the date of purchase cannot be verified by the tax invoice or receipt, the Company reserves the right to guarantee the product starting from the date of manufacture of the factory.be displayed on the machine number of the product

4. The 3-year warranty is a screen-only insurance, excluding accessories or accessories, from the date of purchase (refer to the date of purchase based on receipt evidence) if the unit is outside the premises. Over the terms and conditions of the warranty, there will be expenses in accordance with the terms of the Company such as service fee, medicine fee, parts, other equipment and vehicles. &c.

5. Products with special conditions: Products sold under specific conditions with scratches, curves, dent, fracture, etc. are guaranteed only for functionality. And six-month warranty parts cannot be replaced in any case.

6. The Company reserves the right to charge parts and services if the damage is not caused by the quality of the product and is guaranteed in the event of a malfunction of the machine caused by the failure of the product. Manufacturing only

7. The Company has the right to collect service fees and travel expenses for non-life insurance products in accordance with the defect, even if the defect is not detected in the first place.

8. If a customer sends a repair product only at the service center of the Aconatic headquarters or appointment center, they can check the service center near your home via the link www.aconatic.com/aconatic/servicenter or for information, please call 02954 5281-3 press 104-108.

9. Agents may reserve the right to refuse to install equipment in unreachable areas, hazardous areas or problems encountered in connection cases and external insulating materials that are not caused by the product.

10. In considering the nature of defects in the products, as well as the decision on the terms and conditions of all warranties, the Company's employees shall be deemed to be the operating authority. That such consideration is absolute.

11. The warranty will only cover products purchased in Thailand and the warranty service must be performed by the designated service center located in Thailand only.

12. The Company has the right to amend, change, suspend or cancel without notice. In case other than warranty conditions, please check again from Aconatic distribution points or data centers.

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